Getting to Back to Work: A Proven Approach to Mitigating COVID-19 Risks for Employees and Customers

Learn what you need to do to get back to work, maximize business output, and maintain the highest possible safety levels.

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How to Offer Safe Athletic Programs During COVID: A Discussion with School Heads 

The public health experts from Fusion Cell and the Heads of School from Belmont Hill School and New Hampton School discuss how to create safe athletic programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Competitive Athletic Programs During COVID: Finding the Right Approach for Your School

Learn how independent schools can evaluate the risks of specific athletics programs and the steps they can take to offer safe athletic programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Videos and Podcasts


For Businesses: The Six Critical Components of a COVID Workplace Safety Plan

Learn the six components that every business should have in its COVID health and safety plan to create a safe and effective workplace.

For Schools: The Six Critical Components of a COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan

Learn the six major components every school should have in their COVID-19 health and safety plans to reduce infection.

For Schools: The Three Risk Reduction Controls That Keep Schools Safe During COVID

Learn how Engineering, Exclusion, and Administrative Controls will reduce the spread of COVID-19 on your campus.

NPR: The Origin of Fusion Cell’s COVID Health and Safety Services

Mike Switzer of NPR’s South Carolina Business Review Interviews Mike Klingshirn, MPH, CPH, PMP, Fusion Cell’s Director of Consulting Services

White Papers


The COVID School Safety Checklist: A Guide to Mitigating and Managing Risks

Learn the three major risk areas that every K-12 school needs to address in its COVID health and safety plan. The checklist describes the most important engineering controls, exclusion protocols, and behavioral modifications to implement.

How to Set Up Safe Athletic Programs During COVID: Considerations for Independent Schools

Learn the six risk phases for youth sports, how to assess the risk of each sport or activity, and how to progress from individual drills and conditioning to full competition between teams of different geographic areas. 

An HR Survival Guide for COVID: A Guide for Independent Schools

Learn the current COVID-19 guidance related to HR and how to manage a safe environment for employees that does not create “Undue Hardships” for your school.

COVID Guidance Alerts


Interpretation of the CDC’s New Quarantine Guidance – Dec 2, 2020

The CDC modified it’s quarantine guidance to allow people without symptoms to return to work in 7 or 10 days, instead of waiting the full 14 days. In this brief, Fusion Cell’s public health tell businesses and schools not to move too fast on this guidance.